About Camp Lewis

Summer Youth Camp

Camp Lewis is a 55-acre, rustic camp located at Guage, KY, in the beautiful hills of Breathitt County.

Each summer one can hear the happy voices of young people enjoying the beauties of nature, the pleasant camaraderie of their peers, as well as their Counselors.

It is here at Camp Lewis where hundreds of boys and girls have come face to face with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many have accepted Him as personal Savior and Lord.

Others have committed their lives to his service.

Christian Summer Camp

Both body and soul are refreshed by good food served in a lovely dining area, from a spotless, well-equipped kitchen.

Bible Classes and serves in the lovely A-Framed Chapel provide spiritual food.

Fun Time means swimming in the modern pool, ping pong, and other games in the large recreation building.

Arts and Crafts have their places in helping to mold the the artistic ability in the campers.

The Country Store adds to the pleasure of satisfying the sweet tooth.

Testimony Time around the campfire is pure joy.

A final service is held in the Chapel, awards are given, and a prayer circle is created along the walkway from the chapel. We sing a farewell song:

"Good bye, our God is watching o'er you.
Good-bye, His mercies go before you.
Good-bye, and we'll be praying for you, so,
Good-bye, may God bless you."

Then the ringing of the chapel bells tell that the week of camp is over.

The coveted watermelon is eaten by the winning team, and amid tears and good-byes, each camper goes home.

"For the Lord Thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp."

Deuteronomy 23:14a